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AyshaSelf-5x7Aysha Livingston is a scrapbooking, crafting, art loving all around DIY enthusiast. A lifelong crafter she has been scrapbooking “the safe way” since 1998. Aysha is a self-taught graphic designer with a background in business and marketing.

Aysha’s approach to art and design can be considered free-style.

“The rules are good for developing a foundation, but outside of that – do what makes you happy.”

A true DIYer, Ms. Livingston has “hippie tendencies” and loves the challenge of making things from scratch. She believes that creative expression should not be limited by budget. With a touch of creativity (and hot glue) resources can be found everywhere even if that means upcycling a few items. Her DIY ventures are not always about saving money, sometimes it is simply for the satisfaction of knowing that it can be done.

Ayday Creatives was developed to teach, share and inspire creativity.


Aysha Livingston - Graphic Design Portfolio