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Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Flair

Ahhh, love is in the air with Valentine’s day just around the corner.  This, is abundantly clear if you have visited any kind of store in the past few weeks.  Red and pink everywhere!  Now, for the record –  I am not nor have ever been one of the V-Day people.  But, I must admit […]

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DIY Stamp Tool Removed

UPDATE….. So folks, I have decided to remove my video showing you how to make a DIY Stamp Positioner Tool. I was repeatedly contacted by the maker of a product claiming that this DIY was infringing on her “patent pending.” My intention on creating the original video was to share a way to make your […]

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Pomegranate & Lingonberry Infused Vodka

Nothing like the New Year to spread some good cheer and even better spirits.  Here is a recipe for Pomegranate Infused Vodka.  I love how deep and rich the color is.  It is just key to remember that it is actually vodka with a bit of juice and not juice with a splash of vodka.  […]

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Popcorn Gift Card Surprise

It is getting down to the wire and as much as we would love to search for that perfect gift sometimes nothing works like a gift card.  So, if we must give a gift card why not do it in a fun and creative way.  Here is one option for giving a gift card.  Stash […]

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Cozy and Cornfed Heating Pad

Who can rock a straight stitch?  I can!!!!  So with that bit of confidence and mediocre sewing skills in hand.  I pulled out my sewing machine for the second project in a row.  This corn filled heating pad was relatively simple to make.  If you can turn on the machine, you are pretty much good […]

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Bag of Chips (For Inspiration)

OK, we are less than a week away from Christmas and today is officially the first day of winter!  I have been super busy getting ready.  In addition to shopping for gifts, I typically make many of my gifts.  This year, I am extremely “make heavy.”  Virtually zero shopping for new items.  For me, there […]

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