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Hugs and Kisses because it’s been too long. Sometimes I go through creative droughts and it seems like I can’t complete a project to save my life. Anyway here is one of my recent journals that I made. In attempts to go green I have been trying to use recylced items in my projects. This […]

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Happy Leap Year Day!!

Happy Leap Year Day or something like that!!! I had to do a post today since it is February 29th and it only comes around once every 4 years so this counts as a special occasion. Shout out to all the people who are born on Feb. 29th…ya’ll better make the most of it cause […]

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Handsewn Journals

This is a pair of journals that I recently completed. It was my first attempt at the coptic stitch binding. The internet is the best! You can learn how to do almost anything. I love the paper that I used for the covers, it is from a company called WRMemory Keepers. I love the brown-ness […]

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Cherish Journal

This is a custom journal that I made for a client. They will be giving it as a birthday gift. I love the way it came out. The request was for something with an ethnic/afrocentric flair. So I went classic by going with a subtle red, black and green scheme.

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Big Ideas Book

This creative mind of mine is always thinking of new ideas for projects. Some ideas are purely for creativity sake and some are business ideas. Upon recommendation, I finally decided to create a book to store all of these ideas. The pages are index cards and the book is held together with 1 simple binder […]

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Cute Tabbed Journal

I completed this tabbed journal today (about 5×5 inches). I’m still not quite sure what I will put in it, but I will think of something. I used my circle punch to create the tabs. Lovin’ the colors and the patterned paper that I used. Basic Grey has some really nice designs.

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