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Obama Express

O.K. so I just got back from freezing my face off. I went to see Barack & Michelle Obama along with the Bidens on their train stop in downtown Baltimore, MD. He got there at 4:15pm, but we were out there at 9:45am!! It was sooooooo cold, but soooooooo worth it. I was very close […]

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Mother’s Day

Today is my mom’s birthday. How blessed I am to be able to celebrate my mother and her grandmother’s birthday in the same weekend! This is a photo of my mom that I took last year. It was “antiqued” with an online program, this is the link if you are interested Antique Photo. I think […]

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I upgraded my situation over on Flickr to a pro account. Yay! Well, pretty much I had no choice, evidentally I was approaching my maximum photo limit of 200. So with that, I’ve decided to begin sharing some of my photography. I am having a serious love affair with my camera and find myself taking […]

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Ohh Dip…tych!

My friend Alicia and I are working on a joint art project that will last for 2 weeks. It is inspired by the diptych project over on the Art-Slam blog by Lucrecer Braxton. Each day for 2 weeks we will be creating a piece of art inspired by a particular word, then we combine our […]

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Election Day!!!

Finally the day is here. I feel like this has been the longest election season ever. For me, it is the first time I have felt so connected to a national election. I’ve watched so much CNN I feel like I know Anderson Cooper personally. Last night I attended Obama’s final pre-election rally in Manassas, […]

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Fall is my favorite season. Eventhough it is hard to pinpoint exactly what that means when the weather is so crazy. One minute it is freezing then the next it is warm verging on hot. Of course we can go by the technical definition of the season and just say it is from Sept 21 […]

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