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Flood the Streets With Art!

So, I discovered this art initiative where artists from around the world are creating works of art and leaving them in a public location for some lucky person to find.  The whole event takes place today on Black Friday.  This year I decided to participate.  I created a die-cut paper pieced framed art work. Now, […]

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My Color Is Beautiful Art 2015…

Oh yeah!!! I am going to be teaching a class as part of the “My Color Is Beautiful Art” online workshop in February 2015.  During the workshop, 8 artists will share a mixed-media technique and/or project.  It is going to be AMAZING!  There is a blog hop going on right this minute (if you are […]

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Mixed Media Art Workshop

My Color Is Beautiful Art is a mixed-media art online workshop coming in February 2015!  This exciting series will span the course of 10 weeks.  It will feature eight instructors (including myself), each of whom will present a unique lesson on mixed-media techniques and projects. Here is what you can expect: 8 super creative instructors […]

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Snow Much Drama!

OK, so yesterday I was on my way home from work trying to beat the snow storm. It seemed to go from zero to sixty in a matter of minutes. The expressway was backed up and I decided to take a side road. (Which is normally a good idea in this weather because the roads […]

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Pick A Paper Pack Challenge

Lately, I’ve found my work days to be very draining. So, last night to make myself feel better, I partook in a little retail therapy. I went to TJ Maxx! Did you know that they carry scrapbooking and craft supplies? Of course, discount stores are always a crap shoot, so you never know what (if […]

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The Snow Day Blues?

I spoke with a friend yesterday who was “snowed-in.” And she was upset that her office building was closed and that she would have to spend the entire day at home. (Huh?!) Her words to me were, “What am I supposed to do while sitting here all day?… I enjoy my job! At work I […]

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