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Lucky 7

So, I woke up early this morning with CLEARANCE on the brain. Now any one that knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person unless I am motivated by something of particular interest. So this morning, my motivation was Michael’s $9.99 clearance on Cricut Cartridges. Before today I only had four cartridges and […]

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Oh So Special

I love this little video. Despite the fact that it makes me a little teary eyed. The images feature my cousin and me enjoying the splish-splashiness of summer, circa 1977. In my humble opinion we were truly adorable. But, what I really like about the video is that in a nostalgic way it reminds me […]

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Gorilla Snot

Umm, so yeah. Once again I have let lots of time go by since my last post. This is not because I have not been busy getting my creativity on, but I just have not been inspired to write about it. That said, I encountered something yesterday that really, really made me want to blog. […]

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The Greatest Gift

My Gosh! I have not blogged in a few days and as usual I’ve been meaning to, but life got in the way. Well, now of course all hell done broke loose and my beloved Michael Jackson has gone on home to glory. It’s o.k though, he’s earned the rest. He has always been my […]

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On Time God

How lovely is this bible?! The color is my absolute favorite right now (I am seriously going through a green thing) and to top it off it is engraved with my name! Yay! I received this gift a couple of months ago from a truly beautiful and kind friend, whom I’ve yet to actually meet […]

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Operation: Ready to Receive!

Lately, I’ve found myself in discussions about clearing the clutter in order to make room for new things. This concept goes a lot deeper than just getting rid of physical/tangible things surrounding me. It has to do with clearing space for the mind, heart and soul to grow and develop on a higher level. And […]

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