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Color Story Series: 1

Ayday-ColorStory-post-10252014Last weekend, I attended a wedding. The colors were beautiful. The dresses and flowers were shades of violet & lavender which were lovely amidst autumn’s backdrop of amber, gold and orange. Following the ceremony, I was able to snag this shot of the bride’s bouquet.

This image is the very first in the Ayday Creatives “Color Story” series. Creative blocks can strike at any moment. When that happens, a splash of color or a pre-planned color scheme can help to stir up some creative energy. That is the sole purpose of our Color Story series. An original photograph will be shared as a source of inspiration for telling a story in the form of art, décor, scrapbook layout, card, journal or any other creative expression.

It would be awesome to see what you create using these colors. If you were inspired to make something, please do not hesitate to let us know!


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