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Mini Boo Books

Boo Book (mini-book)

O.K. so I think that Halloween will finally be out of my system after this post. These are mini-notebooks that I created. They are about the size of candy bars. So in the notebook world I guess they would be considered “fun-size.” Because of the length of the book I had to come up with a closure to keep it from fanning out. I choose to use some elastic string with a ribbon attached to it for decoration. I think that is my favorite thing about these little books.

Last night the BF and I turned off all of the lights and watched Halloween. As old as that movie is, it is still effective. By the way, what is the deal with Michael Myers; why does he have to stalk people all day before all hell breaks loose?! That’s the thing that makes him scary.

On a different note, election day is just three days away and I am soooo excited. This is truly an amazing time in our country’s history. We are all blessed to be able to be here and participate. By the grace of God.

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