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Scarecrow Party

Last year, I celebrated my birthday with an impromptu trip to Ocean City, MD. At the time it was unseasonably warm outside. Temperatures were well into the upper 80’s. So, it was super special to be able to travel to the beach and actually get into the water in October. Although, I only got in […]

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Happy Hallow-Birthday!

Halloween Birthdays are cool! Everyone celebrates with you and the candy supply seems endless. That is how it is for little Dorian who is celebrating his 2nd birthday today! Yaay! This is the card that I made for him. So much fun to do a birthday card with a holiday theme it’s like a 2 […]

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Halloween Cards & Haunted Attractions

O.K. so Friday night we went to see Saw V. It was as expected, lots of blood and gore. Honestly, nothing beats the first Saw, when that was released the whole concept was unique. Now they are just making sequels for the sake of making money (I guess it worked since they got mine). Tonight […]

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