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The Greatest Gift


My Gosh! I have not blogged in a few days and as usual I’ve been meaning to, but life got in the way. Well, now of course all hell done broke loose and my beloved Michael Jackson has gone on home to glory. It’s o.k though, he’s earned the rest. He has always been my ALL-TIME favorite entertainer of all time. My heart is sooooooo heavy and I feel sick to my stomach. His genius cannot be denied and in my heart and in the hearts of many, he will live forever. And there will NEVER, EVER EVER be another like him.

I was just speaking to a friend and I was telling her what I believe is the most beautiful blessing in life and death. So, I figure why not share it with you.

To me the most amazing, beautiful, GREATEST divine blessing in life is to be able to spend your life doing something that positively impacts the world. So much so, that even when you leave this earth, your gifts continue to give. When the things you’ve created breathe life to new ideas and inspiration for generations and generations long after you’ve gone. I swear, whatever it is in life that you love, whatever gifts or talents you have…SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD and maybe if the Universe sees fit, you too shall live forever!

Rest In Peace, Michael Joseph Jackson. I certainly will love you forever!

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